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Types of House Foundations

Are you trying to determine the best foundation for your coastal home on the Connecticut shoreline? The coast of CT offers excellent views and easy water access, which gives homeowners many choices for outdoor activities. However, when it comes to the foundation of your new home, some types work better than others in areas prone [...]

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Expert Seawall Construction Methods

Have you recently purchased or currently own a new coastal property in Connecticut? If the land doesn’t include a seawall, you may want to consider adding one to protect your property from flooding and erosion. If your home has a seawall, think about having it inspected and repaired to ensure it is of sound quality. [...]

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Seawall Construction Materials

Picking materials for your coastal property’s seawall should depend on a few factors. What you choose to build or repair with should be based on your water’s pH levels and constructing a seawall in salt or freshwater. The best material may also depend on the cost and your budget. The good news is that our [...]

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8 Tips For Construction on the Coast

Are you considering building a beach home so that you can have a relaxing area as your primary residence or a great vacation spot for your family? Beach homes in Connecticut are a great investment and offer stunning views as well as plenty of outdoor activities. However, there are special circumstances that you must consider [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Pile Foundation

Are you wondering which type of advanced foundation repair would best support your new or existing coastal building? Here at K.E. Braza Construction, we understand all property needs vary. We will assist you in finding not only the best foundations for your shoreline home, but also deliver the highest quality of craftsmanship to ensure the [...]

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Five Tips for Maintaining Your Seawall

Many people enjoy the benefit of relaxing activities and recreational sports that living by the water affords. Who doesn’t love a day on the beach with the family or a sunny afternoon deep-sea fishing with the guys? Homeowners who live near the ocean face very specific property issues, however, related to the maritime climate and [...]

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Best Practices for Coastal Construction Projects

Did you know that coastal construction projects have different requirements than building projects located inland? This is primarily due to the risk for soil erosion and extreme weather, like flooding, hurricanes, and tropical storms. Here at K.E. Braza Construction, we always perform all the necessary calculations and site evaluations before building a seawall, foundation, and [...]

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