The Importance of Timely Seawall Repairs after Storm Damage

Coastal areas are prone to significant damage when a storm comes in. Whether it is a winter storm that involves ice and cold weather or a summer high-wind event, the damage is never predictable and often can be devastating to property owners. Coastal storm damage is not something you should put off having repaired. Coastal [...]

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Waterfront Landscaping Projects That Can Maximize Your Property

Waterfront properties are among the most coveted pieces of real estate, offering stunning natural beauty and endless recreational opportunities. Whether you own a beachfront oasis or a lakeside retreat, maximizing your outdoor space and enhancing the surroundings of your property is essential. K.E. Braza Construction specializes in coastal construction and waterfront landscape projects, and we're [...]

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Helical Pile Installation: Everything You Need to Know

When building along coastal waterways, there may not be anything more important than creating structural stability. Helical pile installation is one of the best ways to do this. As the leading helical pile installers in CT, K.E. Braza Construction is available to help you determine if this is the right route for improving the stability [...]

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8 Tips For Construction on the Coast

Are you considering building a beach home so that you can have a relaxing area as your primary residence or a great vacation spot for your family? Beach homes in Connecticut are a great investment and offer stunning views as well as plenty of outdoor activities. However, there are special circumstances that you must consider [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Pile Foundation

Are you wondering which type of advanced foundation repair would best support your new or existing coastal building? Here at K.E. Braza Construction, we understand all property needs vary. We will assist you in finding not only the best foundations for your shoreline home, but also deliver the highest quality of craftsmanship to ensure the [...]

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How K.E. Braza Construction Can Get You Prepared for Hurricane Season

According to the CT Post, hurricane season in Connecticut is well underway. Occurring every year from June 1 to November 30, hurricane season brings intense storms from the seas, with an average of seven of them turning into hurricanes. As a Connecticut shoreline contractor for over 25 years, K.E. Braza is here to help your [...]

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