Are you looking for helical pile contractors in Connecticut? You can count on us at K.E. Braza to install helical piles for new construction projects and repair existing residential and commercial foundations.

What Is a Helical Pile?

Helical piles, also called screw piles and helical anchors, are a type of foundation support. Helical piles are comprised of spiral-type plates that are connected to a long metal shaft, and they can be inserted anywhere from five to 60 feet below the soil surface. They are used to ensure that residential and commercial building foundations, seawalls, and retaining walls do not degrade due to soil erosion or instability.

Helical Pile Installation in Progress Crescent Beach Niantic Ct

Benefits of Helical Piles

  • Can be screwed between 5-60 feet below the surface
  • Can be used on new and existing foundations
  • Installation results in minimal soil disturbance
  • Prevents settling of foundation due to unstable soil

Helical Pile Installation

Helical piles are screwed into the soil using standard construction equipment that has been fitted with a hydraulic drill. Installation of a helical pile typically takes about five minutes per 10 feet and additional rods and helical plates can be attached in order to ensure the correct depth is reached.

New Foundation Helical Pile Installation

For new construction, helical piles are typically installed after the footings have been poured, but prior to the pouring of the foundation. Each helical pile is screwed into the soil at certain intervals, usually every few feet. Once all are installed, they are tied into the existing rebar grid and the foundation concrete is poured. This ensures that the helical piles are part of the foundation system.

Helical Pile Installation for Existing Foundations

To repair existing foundations that have experienced cracking and crumbling, helical piles are installed under the existing foundation, typically bracketed and screwed to the foundation concrete. For this type of repair, the soil is excavated to a certain depth. Then the helical pile is screwed into place and attached to the concrete foundation in order to provide extra support and prevent further settling of the structure.

K.E. Braza Construction – Your Helical Pile Contractor in Connecticut

When the foundation soil is known to be unstable or the bedrock is located many feet below the surface, helical piles are needed to ensure that your foundation doesn’t settle over time. Without them, doors and windows will get stuck and cracks will appear in your interior and exterior walls.

Here at K.E. Braza Construction, we are your helical pile contractor in Connecticut. We can install helical piles for new foundations and repair existing foundations with helical pile underpinnings. Our installation experts can even work with your existing engineer and/or architect to ensure that all design schematics are met and that your foundation is as solid as possible.

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