Seawall Repair & Bulkhead Construction

With Tropical Storm Irene & Sandy, K.E. Braza Construction was on the Connecticut Shoreline and ready for the response.

Our comprehensive services deliver on-time structured progress for your site and marine construction projects. Equipped with top-of-the-line machinery and equipment, cutting-edge technology, and a seasoned crew with over 40 years of construction experience, K.E. Braza is your go-to team. Whether it’s planning a new home site, foundation additions, or addressing structural seawall repairs, we offer complete site evaluations that turn your ideas into reality. 

Seawall Construction: Ensuring Coastal Protection

The construction of seawalls has become increasingly important to protect coastal properties and infrastructure, protecting against erosion and damage from waves and storm surges. Seawall construction is a complex process that requires expertise and experience, as well as careful planning to ensure a strong and stable wall. At K.E. Braza, our in-house engineering team works closely with clients to determine the best materials, construction techniques, and other considerations needed to help reinforce your property or project. 

Materials and Construction Techniques

The materials and techniques used in seawall construction can vary depending on the locations and purposes of the wall. Whether the wall will be concrete, steel, stone, or other materials, we will ensure the strength and durability of the wall is at our highest standard. Reinforcements may also be used to further increase the strength and durability of the wall. Based on site conditions, budget, and project goals, we select the materials and construction techniques that are most suitable for your project. 

Seawall Maintenance and Management

Coastal Connecticut has hundreds of miles worth of shoreline property that can be affected by seawater. Ensuring your waterfront property is protected from erosion, corrosive saltwater, and winter ice is vital. Neglecting routine inspections and needed repairs can lead to costly damages and potential hazards. Regular inspections of your seawall are crucial to identify any issues before becoming major problems. During our inspection process, we check for signs of corrosion, rot, and other forms of damage before we begin our construction. Seawalls have a lifespan of approximately 30 to 50 years, depending on the quality of materials and construction when first created, as well as salt and other elemental factors. Our team can provide a comprehensive assessment of the seawall condition, recommending options that fit your needs and budget, ultimately designing and constructing the protection you need for your property. 

Our team has engineered proven results, building and repairing over 68 seawalls along the Connecticut shoreline, as well as repairing over 50 homes from Greenwich to Pawcatuck. We have reinforced and pile-driven several marinas as well as boat launches and docks as well. No matter the weather, storm surges, or strong tides, K.E. Braza Construction handles the most challenging tasks you can have relating to seawalls. If you need seawall repairs or marina construction, don’t hesitate to contact us at K.E. Braza, providing services across the state of Connecticut.  

New Haven County Seawall Construction

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