What is the difference between driven piles and bored pile foundations? As you work to plan your project, it helps to have all the necessary information about the different types of pile foundations, to help you choose which is best for your needs. Though they may have a similar function, these two types of piles are built quite differently. Here’s everything you need to know about the difference between driven piles and bored piles.

Driven Pile Foundations

Driven piles are typically formed from concrete or timber. They are designed with a set shape and size. To install driven piles, the technician will use a large drop hammer which drives the pile directly into the ground. As you consider which type of pile foundation is best for your project, you should be aware of a few benefits and disadvantages to driven pile foundations. Driven piles:

  • Allow for fast installation. Driven piles are premade, which means they can be placed into the foundation as soon as they arrive on site.
  • Produce significant vibrations when they’re installed. In some situations, driven piles can produce vibrations during installation. As a result, they may not be ideal when placing the new foundation near existing ones that could be damaged.
  • Are loud when they’re installed. Driven piles are far noisier to install than bored piles because they are being pounded into the ground with a hammer.

Bored Pile Foundations

A bored pile foundation is different. In this situation, the first step is to bore a hole into the area. Then, concrete is poured into the hole. This sets and creates the strong, reliable foundation needed for most applications. This method offers some key benefits and a few other factors to consider, including:

  • They’re strong and reliable. A bored pile foundation will be one of the strongest and long-lasting options when it comes to creating a foundation.
  • There’s less noise during installation. While there is still boring needed, the process creates fewer vibrations than what could be expected with driven piles.
  • They are a better option for sand plots. Unlike a driven pile foundation, a bored version is a better option when you are working in deep sand. This is common, for example, near coastlines. They tend to last longer and perform better in these more risky environments.

Bored Pile vs Driven Pile: Which One Is Best for Your Needs?

The purpose of driven piles and bored pile foundations is simple. They are designed to create a durable and strong place from which to build up. However, the environment plays a big role in which option may be best suited for your needs. Both options can be beneficial, especially with the speed and lower cost that sometimes comes with driven piles. For those areas where the dirt is loose, the use of bored pile foundation systems tends to be better.

To learn more about the types of pile foundations, contact K. E. Braza. As your experts in all things construction, our team can recommend which foundation type is best for your project.