Site Clearing Services

K.E. Braza provides expert land clearing and preparation services to construction sites across the Connecticut shoreline. With our specialization in waterfront site development, if you need help with site excavation for the construction of a new home, our team offers extensive skill and experience to support projects of any size. Put your trust in a [...]

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How House Lifts Can Help Prevent Flooding and Water Damage

Where your home sits makes a big difference in its structural integrity, especially when it comes to water damage from flooding. Any home in a flood zone or close to water needs to be strategically designed and maintained to minimize water infiltration. How do you do that? One way is with house lifts! Lifting a [...]

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Slab Foundation vs Crawl Spaces

The type of foundation a house is built on impacts its structural integrity and the type of maintenance required to maintain your home. It can also dramatically change your living experience. However, there’s no single solution that is best for all properties, since numerous factors must be considered before deciding. Consider a slab vs crawl [...]

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The Importance of Excavating a Construction Site

Excavating a construction site is one of the first steps in preparing a project for construction. It is almost always a priority. But why is excavation so crucial to construction projects? There are a few key things you should know about our excavation construction work in CT before beginning your next construction project. What [...]

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Why Is Excavation Important?

Excavation is a critical step in any development process. It involves moving materials like rock, earth, and debris using equipment, tools, and explosives. Excavation services use a variety of methods to achieve certain goals such as exploration, mining, construction, or environmental restoration. Construction is one of the main projects that require an excavation process because [...]

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