New Haven County Seawall Construction

If your home or business is located on the Connecticut shoreline, then you need to make sure you have a solid barrier to protect your property from the corrosive saltwater and the erosion caused by the harsh elements of the shoreline weather. At K.E. Braza, our residential and commercial construction services include designing new seawalls or repairing your existing one. With our in-house engineering team on the job, you can be confident that the seawall will remain intact and prevent damage to your home or business.

No matter what type of concrete construction you are looking for, our commercial and residential construction services have you covered. Our expert team can tackle any size of concrete construction job, including rebuilding of slips, pile replacement, running utilities to land and dock-side locations, installing guardrails, reconstructing embankments, and building docks. We get to understand your wants and needs before getting started so that you can be sure you will be satisfied with the end result. And since our concrete construction services are completely customized, the options are limitless.

Whether you are in need of a lot clearing, excavation for new construction or home additions, re-grading, septic systems, or anything else, our excavation services are always completed with safety in mind. Our team neatly and efficiently clears your property with precision to ensure no detail is missed. At K.E. Brazawe have ample experience with all of the different types of excavation equipment, and we promise to always treat your site as if it was one of ours. Additionally, our commercial and residential construction services include 24-hour emergency excavation services to help clear out damage and get things back to normal.

The foundation is one of the most important elements in our commercial and residential construction services. That is why we take great care to approach foundation construction methodically, ensuring every detail is taken care of. No matter what type of foundation work you require, our team can handle it. From garage foundations to new home construction to retaining walls and sidewalks, we complete each job with precision. We can also perform expert foundation repair when needed.

If you own a building or structure that is no longer safe or necessary, you may need to have it demolished. However, the task is more complicated than it may seem. Demolition must be completed methodically to make sure everyone stays safe and the site remains as clean as possible. As part of our residential or commercial construction services, we can provide any type of demolition you require with the expertise necessary—and we do it all quickly so you can get onto the next part of the project. 

If you are in need of dumpsters for clean-out projects, look no further than K.E. Braza. Our guys work around the clock to make sure you have the dumpsters you need, when you need them, and we will always remove them promptly. We provide both dumpsters and covered containers for recycling in a wide array of sizes ranging from 10-25 yards. Just let us know what containers you require and we will take care of the rest.