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Waterfront Landscaping Projects That Can Maximize Your Property

Waterfront properties are among the most coveted pieces of real estate, offering stunning natural beauty and endless recreational opportunities. Whether you own a beachfront oasis or a lakeside retreat, maximizing your outdoor space and enhancing the surroundings of your property is essential. K.E. Braza Construction specializes in coastal construction and waterfront landscape projects, and we're [...]

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How House Lifts Can Help Prevent Flooding and Water Damage

Where your home sits makes a big difference in its structural integrity, especially when it comes to water damage from flooding. Any home in a flood zone or close to water needs to be strategically designed and maintained to minimize water infiltration. How do you do that? One way is with house lifts! Lifting a [...]

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Vinyl Seawalls and Erosion Control: Preventing Shoreline Erosion Damage

A variety of solutions exist to minimize shoreline erosion damage, and vinyl seawalls are one example. These structures are gaining popularity because they provide a long-term solution to an otherwise costly and ongoing problem. With the help of a trusted provider of vinyl seawall construction, including our team at K.E. Braza, you can ensure you [...]

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Dumpsters for Construction Projects: What Size Dumpster Do I Need to Rent?

As you get started on your construction, remodel, or junk removal project, one thing you’ll need to consider is dumpster rental services. In CT, K.E. Braza is a leading dumpster rental supplier for construction projects both large and small. But when it comes to dumpster rentals, you’ll first need to determine the necessary size(s) for [...]

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Slab Foundation vs Crawl Spaces

The type of foundation a house is built on impacts its structural integrity and the type of maintenance required to maintain your home. It can also dramatically change your living experience. However, there’s no single solution that is best for all properties, since numerous factors must be considered before deciding. Consider a slab vs crawl [...]

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Helical Pile Installation: Everything You Need to Know

When building along coastal waterways, there may not be anything more important than creating structural stability. Helical pile installation is one of the best ways to do this. As the leading helical pile installers in CT, K.E. Braza Construction is available to help you determine if this is the right route for improving the stability [...]

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House Lifts 101: Types of Elevated Foundations

There are several different types of elevated foundations. When building a home or making substantial changes to an existing floor plan, it is worth looking at the various options to determine the best house lift for your needs. Here’s everything you need to know about the types of elevated foundations and their benefits. What Is [...]

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Culvert Repairs

If you have a failing culvert, storm drain, seawall, or other structure, partnering with a trusted company to provide repairs is critical. The sooner this problem is taken care of with the proper culvert repairs, the better. Here’s what you need to know: What Is a Culvert? A culvert is a tunnel-like path that water [...]

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