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How to Prepare for a Residential Demolition Project

There's a lot of excitement involved in demolition projects. Often, a demolition moves a project forward, one step closer to the desired use for a building or piece of land. Yet, residential demolition services are complex and take a highly skilled professional to ensure they are executed well. These are very challenging projects and [...]

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The Importance of Excavating a Construction Site

Excavating a construction site is one of the first steps in preparing a project for construction. It is almost always a priority. But why is excavation so crucial to construction projects? There are a few key things you should know about our excavation construction work in CT before beginning your next construction project. What [...]

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Home Remodeling: Demolish and Rebuild vs Renovation

It’s not easy choosing how to update and modernize your home. Should you demolish your house and start a brand new build? Or, is it better to make renovations and upgrades to the existing structure, instead? Every home is different and when it comes to home remodeling or house refurbishments, several factors will need to [...]

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Importance of Foundations in Residential Homes

The foundation of any home is its most critical, structural component. A strong foundation creates a base for the home's weight, or load, to be distributed evenly. It’s sturdy and capable of withstanding seismic and wind energy. It also creates a moisture barrier for the home. If, for any reason, you believe your foundation is [...]

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Why Is Excavation Important?

Excavation is a critical step in any development process. It involves moving materials like rock, earth, and debris using equipment, tools, and explosives. Excavation services use a variety of methods to achieve certain goals such as exploration, mining, construction, or environmental restoration. Construction is one of the main projects that require an excavation process because [...]

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What Is a Demolition?

Are you thinking about installing a new seawall or foundation for a building? When you choose to build structures on your property, there’s almost always a need to remove items from the area first. Removing existing systems and natural objects like rocks, boulders, trees, and shrubs, is called demolition. This method is best completed by [...]

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Types of House Foundations

Are you trying to determine the best foundation for your coastal home on the Connecticut shoreline? The coast of CT offers excellent views and easy water access, which gives homeowners many choices for outdoor activities. However, when it comes to the foundation of your new home, some types work better than others in areas prone [...]

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Expert Seawall Construction Methods

Have you recently purchased or currently own a new coastal property in Connecticut? If the land doesn’t include a seawall, you may want to consider adding one to protect your property from flooding and erosion. If your home has a seawall, think about having it inspected and repaired to ensure it is of sound quality. [...]

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Seawall Construction Materials

Picking materials for your coastal property’s seawall should depend on a few factors. What you choose to build or repair with should be based on your water’s pH levels and constructing a seawall in salt or freshwater. The best material may also depend on the cost and your budget. The good news is that our [...]

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