Excavating a construction site is one of the first steps in preparing a project for construction. It is almost always a priority. But why is excavation so crucial to construction projects? There are a few key things you should know about our excavation construction work in CT before beginning your next construction project.

What Makes Excavation so Important?

Excavation is more than just dirt removal for residential construction. There’s quite a bit more that goes into excavation services to prepare the project for success. During this process, there is a lot of soil removal, including the removal of any stone that could get in the way of the build. It creates an open hole, tunnel, or other space through the use of drilling, then, trenching, and ultimately grading the project. There are numerous types of equipment involved, too.

Excavation helps to:

  • Create a strong base for the foundation of the building.
  • Forms a foundation that can handle the specific needs of the building.
  • Creates a stable surface for the surrounding property.

What Goes Into Our Excavation Services in CT?

When you hire a company to handle the excavation services for your project, there are several components to the process. This typically includes:

  • Clearing the site: This process removes any trees or plants, as well as other formations, including rocks, from the area. This is more than just dirt removal for construction, as it involves creating a strong base from which to build.
  • Site staking: The next step is to stake the site out. This involves establishing markers at the corners of the future home with proper measurements taken to verify the area.
  • Layout design: Our excavation construction work in CT also involves laying out the design of the home and other components, including walkways, steps, and patios. If other structures will be placed, those will be managed as well.
  • Site prep: In addition to this, there may be the need to put down footers, which is the first step in the process of creating a foundation.
  • Slab support materials: In addition to the removal of dirt, the next step involves the proper positioning of gravel. There is also the need to put proper drainage pieces in place before the foundation work gets underway.

In addition to this, our excavation construction work in CT can also involve cut and fill work. That includes moving the earth from high areas to fill in those that are lower. It may also include establishing the necessary components for utility lines through trenching services. This includes all water pipes.

Excavation for residential construction may seem like a pretty straightforward process. However, there’s much that goes into this process. If it does not go well or is not done properly, this can lead to complications, problems with the foundation, scheduling delays, and issues with drainage and stormwater later.

Choosing the best excavation company in CT can help to minimize some of these risks. It can also enable you to ensure the work is done according to your schedule and overall goals. K.E. Braza Construction can help you with the entire process. Reach out to us to learn more about the work we do and how we can get started on your project in no time.