Can your seawall withstand the forces of a hurricane? Seawalls are engineered and constructed to last between 30 and 50 years if you have it regularly inspected and repaired by a licensed seawall contractor in Connecticut. Without preventative maintenance and inspections, seawalls have been known to become structurally unsound in as little as 20 years. Here at K.E. Braza Construction, located in Old Saybrook, CT, we offer seawall inspections, seawall repairs, and seawall maintenance programs so that your property remains protected from flooding due to severe weather.

Determining if You Need Seawall Maintenance in CT

  • The soil behind the seawall is eroding.
  • You can see visible cracks in your seawall.
  • You can visibly see crumbling and deterioration.
  • Your seawall is missing sections.
  • Your seawall is not completely perpendicular to the ground.

Inspection and Seawall Maintenance Program in Connecticut

If you see visible damage or deterioration of your seawall, you’ll need the services of a professional seawall maintenance contractor in CT to evaluate and repair your seawall. That way, you can prevent future flooding and soil erosion on your property.

All seawall maintenance programs start with a thorough evaluation that checks for:

1. The Type of Material from which Your Seawall Is Constructed

A maintenance inspection always starts with determining the type of material used to construct your seawall because it determines the types of repairs that can be utilized to restore it. Seawalls can be built out of stone, masonry, woodpile sheeting, or steel.

2. Settlement, Voids, and Expansion Cracking

Once the material has been determined, the wall is checked for vertical and horizontal expansion cracking, missing, crumbling or displaced sections, leaning and soil erosion, as well as sediment placement behind the wall. If any of these items are found, you may need emergency repairs of your seawall.

3. Rock and Stone Displacement

If your seawall is constructed using masonry or natural rock or stone, the placement of the stones is thoroughly examined. If the stones have started to settle or rocks have fallen into the water due to unstable soil conditions or erosion, steps must be taken to stabilize the bank and replace and secure the missing rock, stone, or masonry.

4. If the Seawall Needs Immediate Emergency Repairs

Seawalls that have visible cracks, missing sections, and/or signs of soil erosion behind the seawall need immediate repairs. If it is determined that your seawall is in danger of immediate failure, our seawall construction team will advise you of the findings and explain the types of emergency repairs that are needed.

Getting a K.E. Braza Construction Seawall Site Evaluation and Seawall Repair Estimates

Our seawall construction team offers seawall inspections and repair estimates. We utilize a seven-step process to help ensure your seawall is structurally sound and ready for the next hurricane or bout of extreme weather.

  1. Call – Give us a call and describe the issues you are having with your seawall during both high and low tide.
  2. Construction Material – Let us inspect your seawall to determine the type of material used to construct it.
  3. Damage Inspection – We will then conduct a thorough inspection of the seawall to determine the types and extent of the damage and whether or not it needs an emergency repair.
  4. Measurements and Permits – Our construction team will measure the seawall and provide you with a DEEP Maintenance Permit review, which both describes the types and severity of the damage and the necessary repairs.
  5. Detailed Estimates – Next, you will receive a detailed estimate for the seawall repairs, and all your seawall construction questions will be answered.
  6. Ongoing Preventative Maintenance – Once the repairs are complete, you can rest easy knowing that your seawall will protect your property and your home from flooding and soil erosion.
  7. Yearly Inspections – Receive an estimate for yearly inspections and maintenance to ensure your seawall lasts 50+ years.

To schedule an inspection and evaluation of your shoreline seawall or to learn more seawall construction on your shoreline property, give us a call at 860-662-0124.