Are you contemplating building a new seaside home in CT? If you are, you might be interested in the benefits of using helical piles to anchor your foundation. This is because the soil along the coastline of Connecticut can be sandy and unstable, which could lead to soil erosion and increased settling of your home that could result in tilting and structural damage. Not to mention, homes along the seaside of CT should be elevated due to the risk of flooding from severe weather, including hurricanes. Thankfully, here at K.E. Braza, we install helical and foundation piles for new home construction along the seashore.

Understanding Helical Piles

Helical piles, also often referred to as foundation piles, are earth anchoring systems that are comprised of steel shafts of varying lengths and diameters. These piles are driven deep into the ground to reach the bedrock below the sand and soil. Once the piles have reached the bedrock, the top of the pile is connected to the new home’s foundation or raised foundation beams. Since the helical piles are set on the solid bedrock below the loose soil, the home’s foundation isn’t likely to settle, shift, or tilt due to the unstable soil conditions.

Why Helical and Foundation Piles Are Needed for New Home Construction in CT

  • Sandy and rocky surface soils can lead to excessive foundation settling if homes are not anchored with helical piles.
  • Shifting soil conditions due to weather, changing tides, and moisture saturation can erode the soil around standard foundation footings, causing structural damage to the home.
  • Standard foundation footings are unable to provide support for structures with elevated first floors that stand as much as 12 to 14 feet above the ground.

How K.E. Braza Can Help You Ensure Your CT Home’s Foundation Is Stable

Owning a beach or coastline home can provide you and your family with spectacular views and easy access to the water. But certain precautions must be taken when building homes on beaches and in sandy or rocky soils, as well as in areas where extreme low and high tides and severe weather can increase the risk of flooding. Here at K.E. Braza Construction, we’d like you to know that we work directly on the water, installing helical and foundation piles as well as seawalls, to ensure your home is built on a solid foundation. All of our helical piles are engineered and constructed by Magnum Helical Piles of New Jersey and expertly installed by our experienced helical pile installers.

All of our helical pile installations start with precise soil testing and geological reports. Soil tests and geological reports are designed to tell us the composition of your soil and the depth at which the bedrock can be found. This helps ensure that your helical piles are manufactured to withstand the specific soil conditions on your property and that they are long enough to sit atop the bedrock. We also install helical piles according to your foundation plan. Once the piles are installed, a foundation beam is anchored to a helical cap, and your home’s piers (the visible portions of your home’s foundation) are anchored to the beam. Once your piles and pier posts are installed, your home can be safely built according to your specifications.

To learn more about our helical and foundation piles for new home construction in CT, contact us today or give us a call at 860-662-0124.