With hurricane season in full swing, you may be wondering if there’s an advantage to building a seawall or repairing your existing one in order to lessen the damage caused by hurricanes. Here at K.E. Braza Construction, we just finished some major repairs on a 490-foot seawall in East Haven, CT, just in time for the Atlantic hurricane season and hurricane Dorian. If you need hurricane construction and seawall repair, replacement, or installation, you can count on us to get the job done, and on time, so that your property is protected.

Benefits of Seawall Repair, Replacement, and Installation in Connecticut

Seawalls are essential for protecting the shoreline against large tidal waves, tropical storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis. Without them, the coastline and the inhabitants would be defenseless. Some of the other benefits they provide include:

  • Protection against erosion and flooding.
  • Protection against surge flooding.
  • They can help reduce the flooding associated with tropical storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis.
  • Seawalls don’t take up as much space as other flooding defense types, like dams and dikes, and they can last for decades when built properly.

Seawall Repair in East Haven, Connecticut

We received a call from the Shell Beach Association in East Haven, CT about a badly damaged 490-foot seawall that had a split in its upper section. After examining the damage, we scheduled the repair and had all the proper equipment and concrete delivered. During the excavation and repair, we removed several two-ton sections of the wall. Then, we excavated and reformed the seawall while strengthening it with 900 pieces of #5 grade 60 bar. The formation of the structure took a week because we chose to work with the tides to ensure the best possible finished result. We are proud to say that we successfully repaired and reformed the damaged sections of the East Haven seawall just in time for hurricane Dorian.

Seawall and Hurricane Construction in Connecticut

Here at K.E. Braza Construction, located in Old Saybrook, CT, we can help you protect your shoreline from soil erosion, flooding, and severe weather (including hurricanes) with our seawall repair and installation services. We have an in-house engineering team that can quickly inspect your seawall for damage and recommend the appropriate repairs so that your property is protected. To date, we have installed and repaired nearly 70 seawalls for residential and commercial properties, and we’ve repaired more than 50 homes. We even reinforce marinas, boat docks, and launches, and we can help you get ready for the next hurricane or clean up after the storm.

If you need your seawall repaired before the next hurricane or an emergency clean up of your local area after a severe storm, give us a call at 860-662-0124 or contact our team today. We perform emergency clean up for hurricane-ravaged areas and emergency structural seawall repairs, and we are available 24-hours a day to help with hurricane seawall damage and shoring services.