Do you own a coastal home as your primary residence or vacation spot? While coastal and beach homes offer great views and plenty of outdoor activities for you and your family, it’s important to pay attention to the foundation. After all, it is what keeps your home supported and structurally sound. The good news is that most foundation problems are easily noticed so that you can get the coastal foundation repair that you need.

1. You can see cracks in the slab.

While modern coastal homes are typically built on piers and piles, your older home may still be built on a slab foundation, especially if you haven’t had your home raised. If you can see cracks along the sides of your foundation or have noticed gaps or cracks under your carpet, you will need to contact a company such as K.E. Braza that specializes in foundation repairs for beach home construction.

2. You have noticed that your floors are sloping.

Over time, foundations can settle which creates uneven and sloping floors. You can check the levelness of your floors by placing a ball in the area where you believe your floor slopes. If the ball rolls, you need a foundation repair for your coastal home.

3. There are numerous broken tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

Have you noticed more than a few broken ceramic or porcelain tiles throughout your home? Part of the process for installing tiles involves making sure the subfloor is precisely level so that the tiles lay flat and are fully supported. If your foundation is sinking, rising, or otherwise deteriorating, it can result in an uneven subfloor. As you walk across your tile floors, the uneven pressure on the surface results in cracks and breaks.

4. Your doors and windows stick or seem to be jammed shut.

If your interior or exterior doors stick or your windows are difficult to open or close, it could be due to problems with your beach home foundation. As the foundation on your home shifts, it can cause your door and window frames to slant. This changes the shape of the opening for your interior and exterior doors and windows causing them to become difficult, if not impossible, to open and close.

5. There are cracks in your drywall or above windows.

When you walk through your beach home, do you see cracks in your drywall above the windows? This can indicate that there are problems with the foundation and leaving open spaces in these areas can result in worse damages down the road. You will need to hire a beach home construction company within Connecticut to perform foundation repairs before they get worse.

6. You’ve noticed an exceptional number of bugs in your home.

While it is not uncommon to see the occasional fly or spider in your home, you shouldn’t see an increase in bugs if you keep your home clean and put the trash out regularly. If you see a sudden increase in bug activity, including the presence of centipedes, earwigs, carpenter ants, and roaches, it can indicate that there are cracks in your home’s foundation and along the exterior walls.

7. You see cracks in the exterior of your home or your siding pops out of place.

When your home is first built, everything fits nicely in its place including your siding and any exterior brick. As your foundation shifts, it can put pressure on your exterior walls causing them to become slightly slanted or bowed. When this happens, masonry can start to crack at the seams and siding can pop or bubble out of place. If you notice either of these problems, it a good idea to call our experts at K.E. Braza who can diagnose foundation problems and perform timely and accurate repairs.

8. Your walls appear to be pulling away from the house.

When you look up at your ceilings and down at your floors, do you see gaps in the drywall at the corners? This can indicate that there is a problem with your beach home foundation, and in severe cases you may even see light coming through. This is a sure sign that you need an immediate foundation repair.

9. Your cabinets, counters, and built-ins are separating from the wall.

All cabinets, counters, and built-in shelving should be flush against the wall with no discernible cracks or gaps. Unfortunately, cracks and gaps between cabinets and counters often appear slowly when they are the result of a foundation issue. At first, you may notice cracks in the caulking or sealant. The wider the gap, the more serious your foundation issues. Therefore, it is in your best interest to remain vigilant and have the problem diagnosed and repaired.

10. There are gaps around your windows or doors.

When you look at your windows from the exterior, do you see gaps between your masonry, siding, or sills, and the window? If it looks like the exterior facade of your home is pulling away, it is an indication that you could have foundation problems. The good news is that foundation issues can often be repaired by an excavation contractor. Once fixed, you can work on patching cracks and sealing gaps so that your beach home looks fantastic once again.

K.E. Braza Can Help Fix Foundation Issues on your Connecticut Coastal Home

If you suspect that your CT beach home is experiencing foundation issues from soil settlement, erosion, or shifting soil, we can help you. We are a dig and pour foundation company that has been repairing existing foundations and installing new ones for more than 25 years. We can help you fix sloping floors and repair cracks in your foundation so that you can feel confident that your home is structurally sound.

K.E. Braza does all foundation work from excavation and drilling to working with on-site architects and engineers so you can continue enjoying your coastal home. Have your foundation inspected for damage and repaired, contact us today.