K.E. Braza provides expert land clearing and preparation services to construction sites across the Connecticut shoreline. With our specialization in waterfront site development, if you need help with site excavation for the construction of a new home, our team offers extensive skill and experience to support projects of any size. Put your trust in a reputable residential excavation contractor and learn more about our land clearing services here.

Clearing Property Services

At K.E. Braza, our professional expertise allows our team to manage your project carefully and effectively. That includes complete lot clearing services for small and large projects. Let us help you clear your residential lot so you can focus on building your home. Whether you need support for a single property or dozens for a new development, we cover all your new home land clearing needs.

Our team also provides large residential building land clearing services, including those in difficult-to-access areas. Let us offer the safest and most effective way to begin reading your real estate for the next big project you have in mind.

We have the right equipment and techniques to ensure the job is done correctly. This includes removing structures, trees, plant life, ledge, boulders, and anything else that needs to be “cleaned up” on the plot of land. What’s more, our land clearing and preparation services are customized to fit your needs, whether it’s precise work or untamed land looking for the first pass.

When you hire K.E. Braza to excavate construction sites, we bring knowledge, efficiency, and the right equipment for the job. That minimizes your time investment and can help you quickly clear a site. We handle any project scope with careful attention to detail.

The Process of Site Clearing

Regarding our clearing property services, we follow a particular process to ensure the work is done correctly.

  • An initial assessment is completed so we know what you need as a component of the lot clearing. We then create a plan for addressing the type of structures on the property.
  • Proper surveying and elevations to create a solid foundation.
  • The site’s execution is always done on time and within your set parameters. Our residential lot clearing service includes all necessary permits and ensures the property is accessed and managed according to local law.
  • Disposable and recycling of cleared materials is the final step in site excavation. We ensure all of the material from the site is removed and, when possible, recycled. If it cannot be recycled, we ensure it is disposed of properly.

We do it all for you quickly and efficiently from start to finish. We’re here to save you time and money along the way.

Proper Site Clearing Benefits

It may seem that hiring anyone to clear a plot of land is “good enough,” but that’s rarely the case. When we excavate construction site projects, we ensure the job is done correctly. This is critical to your project’s long-term success and can help minimize cost overruns later.

K.E. Braza takes pride in our clearing property services. No matter the scope of your project or the necessary prep work that must be done, we ensure it is completed thoroughly and adequately to exceed your expectations. In doing so, we minimize any complications, delays, or safety risks to you.

Hire a Trusted, Experienced Residential Excavation Contractor

When you need a construction site cleared or excavated for a new build, trust the best in the business. At K.E. Braza, we get the job done for you right the first time. Allow our professionals to provide you with the insight and guidance you need for your project. We are happy to provide you with a full assessment and a quote for the work you need done.