Excavation is a critical step in any development process. It involves moving materials like rock, earth, and debris using equipment, tools, and explosives. Excavation services use a variety of methods to achieve certain goals such as exploration, mining, construction, or environmental restoration. Construction is one of the main projects that require an excavation process because it works to prepare land for the future building of structures on top of it.

What Is Excavation?

Prior to the start of any excavation project, the first step is to analyze the land carefully to determine what natural habitat is present and how to preserve it as needed. A plan is then developed for the project. This project could be excavation for home construction, for example. Factors considered in this process include determining the site’s depth and size, creating drawings to market the boundaries of the site, and then beginning the work.

Most often, the excavation process includes:

  • Setting corner benchmarks for the project.
  • Surveying the ground and then topping levels as needed.
  • Removing material to reach the approved depth.
  • Dressing loose soil.
  • Marking the cuff off level. 
  • Constructing trenches, including dewatering wells, and interconnecting trenches.
  • Marketing boundaries of the building to be constructed.
  • Completing construction of the protection drains.

Excavation services are always specific to the job itself. That means each project has its own flow and required process to achieve the best results possible.

The Excavation Process

The specific and desired outcome always determines the details of the process, especially when it comes to foundation excavation or land excavation.

Most often, once drawings are approved and a plan is in place (which tells the team what and where to dig), excavation can get started. Cement footers are also a common need for any foundation. The construction process itself determines how deep footers need to be. This may be based on if a slab or a crawl space is being placed. Other times, a basement needs to be planned for.

How Long is the Excavation Process?

Many factors impact the length of an excavation project. This includes conditions and the size of land. An excavation for a foundation may often take anywhere from 3 to 4 days up to 3 weeks.

Choosing Your Excavation Team

At K.E. Braza, we provide comprehensive excavation services to fit most construction projects. Our specialties include working with you to determine the best plan for your project’s success. Projects that are complex and require even more attention to detail require our team to spend a bit more time on the project. What’s most important is knowing the work will be done well and to your exact specifications. If the foundation is not on a stable surface, every other part of the project is at risk.

With over 20 years of experience providing excavation services – including for marine projects – you can depend on K.E. Braza Construction for your project! We serve all of the Connecticut coastline, offering exceptional service to every one of our clients.To learn more about our excavation services, reach out to our team. We’re happy to set up a consultation to discuss your project.