K.E. Braza offers comprehensive coastal and commercial construction in Connecticut. For over 25 years, we’ve provided reliable solutions for our clients looking for excavation services in West Haven and the surrounding areas. Our team has the resources to get the job done properly for those planning a large construction project or repairs to their existing structure. Work ethic and integrity are our top priorities in every project. When it comes to getting outstanding support in Fairfield County for seawall construction, let our team put your project first!

Comprehensive Construction Solutions

Our CT construction services are designed to provide solutions for all shoreline projects. Our in-house engineering team works closely with you to understand your needs and develop a solution. Our Bridgeport, CT construction team has worked to repair some of the most complex structures (from coastal storm damage) while also working closely with our clients to create brand new projects from seawalls to docks and much more. If you need seawall construction, let us help you complete the project in no time.

Our Connecticut construction company does more than just seawall-related work. We can help with erosion control and repair, projects designed for inland needs, and complex commercial projects. We work with companies, government agencies, and property owners looking for reliable solutions to their most challenging problems.

A Full-Service Team Is Available

When you turn to our team for your coastal and commercial construction projects, we can handle every part of it for you. That includes working with you to understand your needs and goals for the project and then designing a solution for it. For new construction in Fairfield County, we work with the necessary organizations to ensure your project is ready to go and meets all standards when it comes to permitting and local codes.

We provide complete construction in Bridgeport, CT. That includes handling any demolition work as needed. We also do land clearing to get the space ready for your project. Our team will handle all concrete construction as well, including developing foundations for your project. Our Bridgeport, CT construction projects are complete – handling everything for you from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about hiring multiple contractors for the task. Our team will handle the work for you with pristine attention to detail.

Get to Know Our Company and Services

K.E. Braza is a full-service construction company in Fairfield County that is always ready to help you with your project. We handle all types of Bridgeport, CT construction projects. That includes more than just seawall and commercial projects. We also offer Bridgeport home construction. If you need a remodeling contractor in Fairfield County for a large-scale project or to transform a building into a space that fits your needs, you need our team to be there to help you. We even offer dumpster rental in Bridgeport, CT.

Why trust us with your next project? It’s simple. Our team will meet with you to discuss what your needs are and offer support from start to finish. We’re happy to talk to you about all of your options, any potential concerns that may slow you down, and the resources we can offer to get the job done properly. 

As a trusted construction company in Fairfield County, we’ve worked on all types of large and small projects, creating beautiful commercial spaces, waterfront properties, seawalls, and more. We can work to protect your home or other structure from erosion, control damage from a storm, or help you enhance the look and feel of your coastal or commercial property.

Check Out Our Previously Completed Projects

K.E. Braza is dedicated to providing each of our clients with exceptional results. Take a look at our completed project gallery to find projects that may be something like what you need. If you need Bridgeport, CT construction services, reach out to us today to find out how we can help you.

Our Connecticut construction company is here to support your project as we have been to the community for more than 25 years. Our experience allows us to offer guidance and support to you no matter how complex and impossible your project feels right now. We do the hard work with integrity to ensure you get the best possible results every time. We encourage you to take the first step now in setting up an appointment to discuss your options with our team today.