Do your construction projects need foundations, concrete construction, piers, or seawalls? K.E. Braza can help! At K.E. Braza Construction in Stonington, we offer foundations and construction solutions, including concrete construction, demolition, excavation, foundation installation, roll-off dumpsters, and seawalls for coastal and inland properties.

CT Construction Services in Stonington, Connecticut

K.E. Braza has been serving the coastal communities of Connecticut for over 25 years. We strive to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship to our residential and commercial clients. Read here for more information on the construction services we provide.

  • Seawall Construction and Repair – Seawalls are essential for coastal properties, as they help mitigate flooding during storms and high tide and prevent soil erosion. Here at K.E. Braza, we provide installation of seawalls, and repairs to existing seawalls.
  • Concrete Construction – Concrete is the choice product for coastal and shoreline builds because it is durable and can withstand for decades. When it comes to concrete construction services, we offer slip and dock installation and repair. We also run utilities to inland and dockside locations and install and repair foundation piles for homes, businesses, and marinas.
  • Excavation Services – If you’re building a new home or business or even adding an addition to an existing foundation, there’s a good chance you’ll need excavation services to clear and level the land. We offer excavation for new construction, residential and commercial additions, and septic system installation. We can also regrade your land to improve drainage and prevent flooding and soil erosion.
  • Foundation Installation and Repair – Since 1993, K.E. Braza has installed hundreds of concrete foundations and foundation pillars. We have experience in testing and grading soil, as well as installing stabilizing pillars down to the bedrock (which ensures that your ground-level or raised foundation will last for decades).
  • Demolition Services for Business and Home Remodeling – If an old building becomes unstable or unsafe, the best course of action is to demolish it. Demolition frees space on your property for additional buildings and additions, while also improving safety. Our team at K.E. Braza provides expert demolition services to remove dangerous and unused buildings, as well as sheds, garages, and storage units.
  • Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals – Haul away your construction or renovation debris with our roll-off dumpster rentals. We provide reliable and economical dumpster rentals to make your construction project timely, budgeted, and easy to clear.

Stonington, Connecticut Construction Projects With K.E. Braza

Our construction team has completed numerous projects throughout the coastal communities of Connecticut. When it comes to our demolition, excavation, and construction projects, you can count on us to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship. Each project we take on is precisely planned. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your foundation, pier, dock, and/or seawall are durable, and can endure the stormy seasons.

One of our team’s favorite projects was with Between The Bridges Marina. This was an extensive project, which consisted of extensive planning and many smaller projects to complete. Our team worked efficiently to meet applicable building codes and our exacting standards. The project involved examining the land, excavating the construction sites on the property, and leveling and grading the land. Then, we installed seawall and foundation supports and completed the project.

Our construction team at K.E. Braza also offers special services, including digging pool foundations, building on-grade and raised foundations, and clearing land for new construction.

If you need experienced construction services that you can rely on, consider K.E. Braza. To learn more about our concrete construction and seawall building services in Stonington, Connecticut, contact K.E. Braza.