Are you thinking about installing a new seawall or foundation for a building? When you choose to build structures on your property, there’s almost always a need to remove items from the area first. Removing existing systems and natural objects like rocks, boulders, trees, and shrubs, is called demolition. This method is best completed by professionals who have years of experience. That is why our team at K.E. Braza ensures your property is in good hands with our demolition services.
Let’s take a closer look at the demolition procedure:

Understanding Demolition

The demolition procedure involves removing existing structures and sometimes plants, rocks, and other items in the environment to prepare a site for a new building. Of course, this doesn’t mean going onto the site and haphazardly deconstructing a building or using a backhoe to turn it into rubble. The demolition process requires precise planning to ensure the facility is removed safely and the site is ready for its new building.

Types of Demolition

There are four types of demolition methods, including implosion, mechanical, selective demolition, and deconstruction:

Building Implosion

Imploding buildings involves the use of precisely placed explosives. This method is typically used for tall structures. The explosives are placed along main support beams and in any area that requires explosive charges. A computer system usually controls the charges to fire to allow the building to collapse in and on itself. This creates a pile of rubble that can be easily removed.


Mechanical demolition involves large machinery, which can include bulldozers, long-reach arms, and wrecking balls. This equipment crushes, slices, and breaks apart the building so that the pieces can be removed. Long-reach arms are typically used on tall buildings where explosives are not feasible. Bulldozers are used on smaller structures, like houses, garages, or commercial buildings containing a few stories. Wrecking balls are most often used to demolish buildings that are made out of masonry or concrete.


Deconstruction is the process of tearing a building down by hand. Demolition crews that practice this method go inside the house first and remove things like kitchen counters, flooring, drywall, and ceiling tiles. Once the inside has been demolished, the crew works on deconstructing the exterior before removing structural supports and the foundation. When the building has been completely torn apart, the pieces are removed and taken to a landfill or recycling center.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is used when parts of the building, inside and out, are still in good condition and recycled. During this process, flooring, masonry, and other items are detached and stored later in other facilities. Once items have been removed from the building, mechanical demolition is used to break apart and remove the rest of the building.

Our Demolition and Construction Process

A successful and safe demolition is always adequately planned to minimize the risk of injuries to people and damage to nearby buildings. Planning also makes the process run smoothly so that construction on the new foundation and building can begin promptly. The demolition and construction process includes ten steps:

  1. Inspect the site and any pre-existing buildings and create a report of the findings.
  2. Explain findings and demolition needs to the client.
  3. Plan the demolition, including sourcing the correct equipment such as bulldozers, wrecking balls, backhoes, and construction dumpsters.
  4. Pull any permits needed for the demolition.
  5. Ensure all utilities are disconnected from any buildings that are to be demolished.
  6. Safely and effectively perform the demolition.
  7. Haul away the debris from the site.
  8. Prepare the property for a new foundation or seawall and pull new construction permits.
  9. Install the foundation or seawall.
  10. Final walk-through of new construction with the client.

K.E. Braza: The Best Demolition Contractor in Coastal Connecticut

Here at K.E. Braza in CT, we offer coastal demolition, foundation repair, and installation, as well as seawall construction. When we arrive on a site for the first time, we always survey and inspect the area. Why? Because we may need to perform demolition before construction can begin. We also want to use the right materials, tools, and equipment for every job we perform.

For these reasons, we correctly plan everything from demolition to final construction. By doing this, we can ensure a great build every time. To have existing structures demolished so that new foundations can be built on your property, contact us online or at (860) 662-0124!