Seawalls: What You Need to Know

/Seawalls: What You Need to Know
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Living by the coast is a dream come true. You get to enjoy spectacular views and the most amazing natural ambiance. However, another aspect of living in this enviable location is dealing with the large waves that come crashing against your property. Luckily, there are measures you can take to protect your property from damage, so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea without worry. That’s where seawalls come in.

What Is a Seawall?

In short, seawalls are your line of defense against ocean waves. Seawalls help minimize damage caused during heavy storms and hurricanes, and they also prevent long-term erosion that could result from the repetitive impact of the waves. Seawall construction is comprised of meticulously placed stone and/or concrete to ensure the wall can withstand the strong pressure and repetitive action of the coastline.

Types of Seawalls

There are many types of seawalls that can be built depending on the scope of the property and the area of coastline. The three most common types of seawalls include:

  • Curved Seawalls This type of seawall is usually made from poured concrete and is extremely effective at dispersing the power behind a wave. Each curved seawall is built to directly match the shape of the coastline, and it works to reduce the amount of sediment buildup that can occur.
  • Vertical Seawalls – Vertical seawalls are just like they sound; a straight up and down wall. They are constructed out of stones and are usually found in places with larger waves. However, since these seawalls often take the biggest beatings from the waves, they need regular seawall repair.
  • Mound Seawalls– Mound seawalls are usually reserved for emergency situations. They are literally mounds of rocks, dirt, or even sandbags, and they help to provide extra protection on the coastline when big storms are expected.

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