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New London Seawall Repair and Construction

When you are located on the Connecticut shoreline, you are privy to some of the most incredible views in the country; however, you are also at risk for corrosion due to the saltwater and harsh elements the coastal weather brings. With our seawall construction, we can build you a sturdy seawall to help protect your property, or we can repair an existing one to make sure it stays strong.

Concrete Construction New London

If you need concrete on your commercial or residential property, you can depend on our New London contractor. We will get to know exactly what your requests are so we can perform any type of concrete construction task to your specifications. From guardrails and docks to pile replacements and embankments, our team does it all.


Whether you are preparing a site for new construction or you simply need a lot cleared, our commercial and residential contractor in New London can perform the job swiftly and efficiently. We even offer around-the-clock emergency excavation should it become necessary.

Foundation Construction

From new home construction to adding on garages to building retaining walls and more, our New London contractor service can methodically create a foundation that you can rely on. We are more than just contractors, we are engineers, and we will be sure that your foundation can support your home or business no matter what nature throws at it.

Demolition Services in New London

If you need a building demolished, you never want to just knock it down. It must be done strategically to ensure the safety of everyone and the cleanliness of the site. We have the experience necessary to perform any size of demolition effectively, swiftly, and safely.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental

When you have a lot of materials or items that need to be cleared out, we can provide you with the dumpsters or recycling containers you need. We will make sure the dumpsters are there on time, and we will remove them when you are done filling them up.

At K.E. Braza Construction, LLC, we are the trusted construction contractor in New London. No matter what your construction needs are, you can depend on the extensive knowledge and experience of our team. Our work ethic and the quality of our construction in New London is second to none. To learn more, contact us now.

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