It’s not easy choosing how to update and modernize your home. Should you demolish your house and start a brand new build? Or, is it better to make renovations and upgrades to the existing structure, instead? Every home is different and when it comes to home remodeling or house refurbishments, several factors will need to be considered. Working with our remodeling contractors and house demolition contractors in Fairfield County can help you make the best choice, whether that be to demolish and rebuild or renovate. Here is what you need to know about your options.

The Benefits of Renovating 

If the updates you want to make to your house are minor and not highly structural, home remodeling is typically the best option. Even tasks like removing a wall or changing the floor plan can be done with remodeling. The benefits of renovating your home or business include:

  • Much lower costs associated with the project.
  • Faster timeline to completion.
  • Often fewer obstacles with building codes and inspections.
  • More opportunities for living in the home while renovating.
  • Creating a space that fits your aesthetics.

The Benefits of Demolition and Rebuilding

Working with a house demolition company may be necessary when the updates needed are much more extensive and complex. For example, many of our clients in Fairfield County benefit from complete house demolition services when there are significant structural defects in the property that create an unstable foundation. You should consider hiring a company that specializes in house demolition services when your home no longer fits your needs but you want to remain on the property (which is common with shoreline construction). Some benefits of demolition include:

  • A brand new start with just about any design plan and goal.
  • A strong, stable foundation that will last a lifetime.
  • Not having to move to another location.
  • Establishing new features (both interior and exterior) that fit your new needs.
  • Designing a home that’s fit for your future and adds value to it.

Factors to Consider When Demolishing and Rebuilding or Renovating

Deciding to work with a home construction company to completely rebuild or remodel the property requires significant consideration. Before any plans for the new structure can be decided, a site evaluation is necessary. During a site evaluation, we will look at all factors that impact the property, such as location, new building codes and ordinances, and existing structural requirements.

Shoreline construction is often a big factor to consider. For example, erosion or concerns with access to the waterfront are a few things to keep in mind. You may have to abide by new rules and regulations that you did not have to before. This doesn’t mean the project cannot go forward, but you need to know what your options and boundaries are.

You also need to consider the timeline and budget for the project. Think about the goals for your home remodel, such as how the new property will work for your needs. Oftentimes, building a new home after demolishing an old one is ideal because it gives you a blank canvas to start from. However, this also means you should dive deep into the potential your location has to offer to make the most of it. Get the most out of the renovation by working with an experienced team that specializes in home construction services for expert architectural support and design ideas.

Renovation Costs 

Home refurbishments may be more affordable in some cases, but not all. It’s a misconception that remodeling can cost less, depending on the scope and scale of the project. Sometimes, significant repairs are necessary, or you may uncover a hidden problem that derails the entire project. When it comes to costs, consider the following as a baseline:

  • What are the costs for any renovations? Work with a design team to fully understand the costs.
  • What type of pre-work costs will be involved in the site evaluation for demolishing and restarting?
  • What type of legal costs are involved in the project, or what types of building upgrade requirements does the city have?
  • Consider the cost of demolishing the property itself.
  • Consider any shoreline construction that may be necessary.
  • Have architectural drawings completed to estimate the cost of the new project.

There’s quite a bit that goes into this process, and many factors play a role in the decision you will make. However, working with an experienced home construction company in Fairfield County is your first step. Let our team help you decide which is the best route for your needs. Contact K.E. Braza Construction to learn more about our services.