K.E. Braza Construction provides both commercial and residential concrete and seawall construction services to Greenwich, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas of Fairfield Country. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers whether they are in need of construction, excavation, or maintenance.

For those who are considering coastal construction, you can trust our team’s years of experience to ensure the very best outcome. We can facilitate the entire process from the design to completion and are happy to work with you to achieve any custom solution!

Our home remodeling and construction, new construction, and seawall maintenance services are readily available to residents on the Connecticut coastline. When you need a remodeling contractor in Fairfield County – especially for seawall construction services – you can count on our experience to get the job done right.

Projects Completed by K.E. Braza Construction

For over 25 years, we’ve provided seawall construction in Greenwich and the surrounding areas. When Tropical Storm Irene and Sandy decimated the coastline, we were there to provide support and repairs. Our team worked to engineer solutions that helped build and repair over 68 seawalls across the Connecticut shoreline. Our home construction team also worked to repair over 50 homes in the area.

Our coastline construction services are extensive to ensure we meet the needs of commercial and residential shoreline property owners. It is our goal to minimize any existing or future damage by providing solutions that last. We can help protect shoreline properties from erosion, corrosive salt water, and winter ice. If you need help with marine and dock concrete construction, you can count on our team to provide solutions.

As Greenwich’s construction project experts, we are here to see every project is completed efficiently. Our service includes evaluating an existing property, designing solutions, and constructing new coastal barriers.

For those who are in need of seawall repairs or maintenance, our team is here to help. If you are considering the expansion of your seawall, the experience we can bring to the table is unmatched.

Consider Our Experience

K.E. Braza Construction has completed numerous projects to meet the needs of our clients. Our experience even includes providing excavation work for all types of residential and commercial projects. We can help you with foundation installation and repair for new and construction existing projects, as well. Our team is also readily available to help with the demolition of existing seawalls and other marine construction projects. For independent construction or excavation projects, we provide dumpster rentals.

Take a few minutes to check out our completed projects to see why K.E. Braza is a trusted name in construction for Fairfield County residents. We are equipped to handle any expansive construction project that comes our way. If you are looking for a smaller-scale construction project, we do that, too!

If you are a resident of Greenwich, Connecticut – or the surrounding areas – and in need of an equipped construction team, trust K.E. Braza to do the job! To learn more about our services and how we can help you, contact our team to get an estimate. We look forward to helping you with your construction project.